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Tales of Role Playing

Love Tales of? Have a Tales of roleplaying journal? Want a dose of crack?


All characters welcome! Alternates, AU versions, whatever you've got, we'll take! Just be sure to follow a few simple rules:

1) No OCs. This keeps the boundary of which characters can play to canon Tales of characters from games already released. However, AUs, genderbends, timeskips, and other such versions of canon characters are welcome. NOTE: Usually, except in special cases (I.E. Vesperia PS3 and The First Strike), we will wait one month after the Japanese release of a game to allow characters from it.

2) Keep OOC drama OOC. Do not post about it here or in any affiliated medium (chats, wikis, etc.)

3) Please use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability when making posts or comments. This is to ensure that everyone can clearly understand your character, and to make interaction between characters easier. We are very lenient and understanding to those for whom English is not a first language, but please make an effort to use spellcheck or an English-speaking friend to check your work.

4) Mark adult content. This means placing an OOC warning on your post for raunchy and smutty scenes.

5) There are very few limits on what your character can do in this game. HOWEVER, any godmodding (having your character do/cause something that would directly effect another character or the dressing room world without permission of the players, or having a large, world-wide event without placing it up for discussion on the OOC comm first) is strictly prohibited.

6) Violation of these rules will result in 1 warning, and upon non-compliance or future rule-breaking, a ban. I have only had to ban one person the whole time this game has existed, and it makes me a sad panda. Please don't make me sad. :(

7) ?????


Have fun, everyone. :)