Yuri Lowell (once_knighted) wrote in talesofdressing,
Yuri Lowell

[With no monsters left to fight, Yuri's tried several other ways to fend off boredom -- sparring with trees, knocking the rocks around, trying to find some new and improved way to hide his wings ... but nothing's really working. So, what's he doing instead?

Wandering and messing around with the magic he's sorta-kinda trying to figure out from Luceti -- it's an electric element, but the worst he can do right now is give someone a static shock and maybe tick them off a little. Meaning, he can't use it to attack or anything -- just like pull pranks or something. Which is good enough for him right now anyway.

So yeah, anyway, your character will either find him wandering around or on the side of the road, attempting to do something besides set off a few sparks and occasionally accidentally shock himself since he's nowhere near mastering this. Feel free to run into him (or have him run into you, not literally though -- he's paying attention to where he's going, really :|) for absolutely whatever reason
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