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Tales of Dressing Room
[Is anyone paying attention to Belcrant [lightning] right now? If… 
25th-Sep-2008 08:34 pm
[Is anyone paying attention to Belcrant [lightning] right now? If so, they might notice that it's repositioning itself again. This time, it's... aiming at part of a forest not too far away from the town. Not the main one, thankfully!

The sky's darkening again, and that purple light's back... Why purple, of all colors, anyways? 

Anyways, like last time, you'll... just want to watch this.

The Aethersphere's already covering a decent portion of the sky... About 50%, if I had to guess. At this rate, it'll be complete with two more shots... I guess that's what Miktran meant with the six days of sunshine bit in that announcement.

Oh, and anyone who wanders far enough out of the town will find the crater created by the impact, like before. There may or may not be a few half-destroyed trees there that partially survived the impact, too.]

[ooc: Not much changed since the last time it fired. There's less sunlight and yet another crater, but that's it.]
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