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Tales of Dressing Room
[Observant residents of the town might notice something rising from… 
23rd-Sep-2008 08:52 pm
[Observant residents of the town might notice something rising from the forest in the distance, eventually coming to a stop far above the earth, close to space itself. This is... kind of hard to miss, actually. Anyone paying close attention might notice that this something seems to be repositioning itself to aim at a far away area.

...Wait, why is the sky darkening now? And what's with that purple light in the clouds where that thing rose to the sky...?

...I... think you'll just want to watch this.
Wow, live destruction of unexplored areas...

So... now we have an incomplete Aethersphere floating about. Which... basically looks like a stone web in the sky for now...

...Just what is going on? How did all of this happen? I'm sure we'll find out... eventually. I bet if someone wandered far enough out of the town, they'd find the crater left by the impact... I hope the ground was the only thing that got hit.]

[ooc: No major impacts yet aside from that crater~ Don't expect anything to happen again for a few days, unless commentary from the villainous duo counts. Threads between the people currently on the Aethersphere will be locked unless noted otherwise, for obvious reasons~]
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