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Tales of Dressing Room
And just where are we now. It certainly isn't hell. -=demonic woman… 
30th-May-2008 09:55 pm
And just where are we now. It certainly isn't hell.

-=demonic woman taps her chin=- Kind of odd isn't it, we aren't the type to get a second chance.

-=huge goldish Wyvern flits it's wings=- Kekekekeke, who cares we're alive again~! Let's wreak some havoc!

It's more important we try and get to find Master Dhaos first. If he's even here anyways.

Right what Demitel said. Keep your head Ishrant.

Feh you humanoids aren't any fun. You look for Master Dhaos, I'm gonna see what's up with this place~! -=flies off=-

...Hmph. Wyverns. So violent. Can't see why Master Dhaos would have made him a General.

[[ooc: Yeah all you ToP people know these three are DEMONIC BOSSES FROM HELL! At least in a 2-D enviroment...probably 3-D too in Demitel's case-ugh Whip that fire energy balls all over the damn place AND A MAGE- JESUS! Yeah anyways it's three people but they're minor bosses with ZILCH backstory And Demitel will be playing head character for the journal, thus him not being colored. Have fun with them guys. Call on me if it's too much]]
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