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Tales of Dressing Room
5th-Dec-2011 12:03 pm - HEY YO DR DO YOU LIVE?
[Yuri was just taking a stroll through the capital!

But not. Not anymore. He stops and stares for a minute at the change in scenery before scowling.]

Not this again. ...Damn, it's freezing.

[Zaphias? Much warmer. Now he's got to find a coat or...something. Great.]

Flynn? Repede? ...Anybody?  [with all the enthusiasm and expectation of a brick. The place feels like a ghost town. ...Well no, he's been in a ghost town. This feels like an empty town.]
23rd-Oct-2011 12:09 pm - my AUs will never stop
got spoiled for half blood prince
[Mun would apologize for the technical doubleposting, but she was requested to do this. Anyway, Zelore has yet another new arrival! This time, it's a Zelos. This Zelos is a liiittle bit different from the typical womanizing Chosen of Tethe'alla that most Symphonia people are used to. ...well, he's still a womanizer, at least.

And perhaps still a bit prone to complaining. Right now, his expression is a mix of annoyance and panic as he rubs his temples.]

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Is this some kind of joke or something? I know I'm pretty and all, but I'm kind of short on the money front right now! Come on... [Everyone, meet mercenary!Zelos Wilder. His services are out of the goodness of his heart! ...but mostly for the money and the ladies.]
[Greetings, Zelore! How are you today? Well, nevermind that. You have a new arrival! That being said, there is a young girl wandering around the town. She appears to be very zoned out and not entirely sure of what's happened. Despite this, her eyes are full of wonder, as if she hasn't been able to do something as simple as wander for a very long time.

She also looks like a certain male "hero" you may be familiar with.

Unfortunately, her legs are not used to this amount of walking anymore, and she eventually stumbles. Not that it really discourages her--as she sits up a little, she laughs joyously. It seems that Zelore is a welcomed change, even if she doesn't understand what's going on. Will you approach?]
11th-Sep-2011 08:28 pm - He lost his knight
[ A sudden Duke, walking at his normal, measured pace, taking a corner and stopping as if he had not expected to be.... here. Cue an abrupt halt, blank looking about and a step to the side as if expecting someone to not stop as quickly as he does. ]

... wrong path...? Scifo, turn about - [ Only in the midst of turning about himself, he realizes he's talking to air. So he'll stop, looking about. ]

.. Flynn Scifo? [ Looking about blankly. ]

Repede? [ And moving again. ]

Flynn Scifo, if you are.. having an irrational emotional reaction to the fact I did not tell you, it is because I did not know you were acquainted, and ...this is completely unnecessary. Come back.

((OOC- Heylo! This is an AU-Duke! He's probably from around Nordopolica in normal!gameverse, but the difference is - Yuri died after Heliord chasing Cumore. So Duke's currently travelling with Flynn and Repede! He has Yuri's bodhi blastia on him (hasn't gotten around to Dein Nomos'ing it yet), as well as the sorcerer's ring, and a slightly larger amount of speech-per-day count. Any Yuri's will be treated with shock.))
[Hello, Zelore. What are you all doing tonight?

On this nice night, it feels pretty nice out. This particular Mithos is sitting under a tree, knees drawn to his chest as he stares up at the sky, somewhat in thought.

Even though his guard is up, he almost looks at peace... feel free to make things a little less peaceful, if you want.]
28th-Aug-2011 10:12 pm - /tosses a pilot into the mix
Cardinal in flight
[Wherever you are today, you might unexpectedly find a goggled pilot suddenly walking in, holding a box in her arms and perusing a list.]

Hey, Grandpa Aston? I got those parts you wanted and-

[She glances up at this point, stops, and stares around.]

Um... Grandpa Aston? ... guys? [She sighs, her mouth twisting into a bit of a grimace as she shifts the box around and looks at her surroundings.]

Now how did I get here...?

[[ooc; still new with her, idk what canon point, other than after she's met everybody. Have fun!]]

18th-Aug-2011 12:17 am(no subject)
[Good afternoon, dressing room! Are you changing in your room? Or reading? Or something peaceful?

That's about to be shattered by a shout and a THUNK on your window. And upon looking, there's Lloyd, pressed up against the window as if he flew into it like a bird.

... And seeing the bright, giant wings that droop, it looks like that really was the case.

Or are you outside? Are you enjoying the summer day, maybe trying to get out of the heat? Again, that peace is about to be ruined when a cry of alarm fades into hearing range, and when one looks, Lloyd is hurtling toward the ground in a very erratic fashion, his wings making him swerve violently to the left or right and fall way faster than he wants to.

He manages to give himself a bit of air with a flap of his wings before he just... skids face first into the ground. Were he not wearing his Exsphere, he probably would've died. But instead, his legs just stay up in the air for a second before they fall back, and Lloyd lets out a pained groan into the soft ground he landed in, his wings falling gently to his sides.

Flying lessons. Gotta love them.]
wait huh what
[Woobie-to-be-atoner!Mithos is sitting under a tree, staring at a set of pan pipes that may be familiar to others... yep, even this AU has the set that belonged to Martel.

He's actually debating with himself, as usual--this time it's a matter of releasing Origin's Seal. He knows what will become of him if he does, and it makes him apprehensive--even if he's almost certain he wants to help Lloyd and the others now.]

...I can't believe I'm scared to die...
12th-Jun-2011 12:37 am - more lost than she knows
Another member of the Sage family has arrived... but not either of the ones that might be expected.

As far as she knew, Virginia was wandering the paths through Heimdall; part of her did realize she didn't recognize this place at all, but her long-time denial of... everything meant it took a long time to get through to her. Unconsciously, she didn't want to know that any part of her life, large or small, had changed since before she'd been forced to take her family and run.

Slowly, though, it was dawning on her that something was wrong; as always, she held her old, well-loved doll in her arms, and in her mind, baby Raine was starting to fuss. "Shh, it's all right," she murmured, rocking the baby as she walked with her. "We just have to find Daddy, and then we can go back home." Kloitz shouldn't be too far; he was just... helping someone fix their roof, wasn't it? Something like that... it was just like Kloitz, always helping the neighbors. What house was it? Virginia was looking, but she couldn't seem to pick out which one her husband would be at. He was fixing an inside door, right?

Not wanting the baby to disturb anyone, Virginia started singing softly to the doll as she walked, rocking her gently.
26th-May-2011 10:45 am - third;
♔reigning in glory

[There is a Princess calmly blinking up at the Hospital, a somewhat determined look on her face. ]

Clearly this place needs work if I arrived here tied to a chair in this very Hospital! [she can't help but huff a little to herself as she observes it from outside, getting that all too familiar gleam of ambition and determination in her eyes. This said, she's quietly finding a place in town where she can think, more or less plot, a piece of paper in her hands along with a writing utensil, seeming to be sketching. Something. ]

20th-May-2011 10:06 pm - Yeah I don't know either
[Persona!Colette just so happens to be wandering again, however, she doesn't look as confused as she does curious.]

This place is so different from back home...

[Come bother?]
12th-May-2011 02:07 am - Symphonia C-c-c-combo breaker!
Well this was odd.

One moment she had just been released from her imprisonment by Jade and Saphir with their tag alongs and the next she was in an open field close to what appeared to be a city. Even stranger, it wasn't even cold, in fact, it was a bit on the warm side. Not letting down her guard, she kept her weapons in hand, wondering if this was some kind of trick Jade had actually managed to pull on her. Though, she'd have to admit herself that this was one hell of a trick since she seemed to have ended up far away from any of them without feeling any sort of unusual fonon activation. Though peaceful as it may be, it was all quite boring and Nebilim wasn't one who liked to be bored for long before looking for entertainment of some kind. Smiling wickedly, the replica made her way towards the city wondering just who or what lived there and just how fun they would be

Oh Jaaaaade~ Come out, come out wherever you are~♪

((ooc: Hi everyone, I'm test running Nebbles before I decide to app her for a community. I'd like to flesh her out a bit more before and get better with her voice. Please do understand she acts like a 7 yrs old or someone younger with big powers and likes to view people as objects of play rather than understanding that they hold life. Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'm all ears and have my info on Nebbles profile♥))
11th-May-2011 07:18 pm - Time to be out of place. Again.
[Watch out as Sheena here, is walking around trying to figure out how or why she is here... She has a yellow band around her thigh, with "S.P.E.T" written on it. She is glaring at everything around her and is ready to pull out one of her cards.  ]
This place is causing me to go in circles, sheesh. 

[[ Time to be OOC . This is the first time I've RPed as Sheena before and I've just come back from a break of not being on LJ ]]
7th-May-2011 06:22 am(no subject)
eternal damnation
[Atoner!Mithos is laying on a bench, looking up at the sky with a troubled look. He's actually thinking about the Yuan from his world, something incredibly painful for him--for Mithos, it's like he experiences every emotion possible at once for the man. With a visible shudder, he lets out a deep sigh before speaking, as quietly as possible, to himself.]

Is it my fault? Should I have told you to stop? ...would you have listened?

[Come poke him?]

[Well, Zelore, there seems to be a new Colette wandering around. She seems like your typical, run-of-the-mill Chosen... until you notice the yellow armband labeled "S.P.E.T." on her left arm, and the belt around her waist... which has a holstered gun. What.

Well, either way, she's looking awfully confused as she wanders around.] This isn't the Shadow Plane...

[ooc: Hi, everyone! This is my first time here... so... yeah... oAo Have a Persona!Colette? Anyway... Nice to meet you all, and please be gentle with me, this is my first time playing Colette ;A;]

27th-Apr-2011 01:54 am(no subject)
strategist| if only night could hold you
[New to Zelore(s) is one (1) tinybro, alias Genis Sage, who has a soup pot in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other. He drops dinner when he sees that he's in the middle of a town square and not a campsite. The pot resounds with a low D as it strikes the stone. Genis forgets about it immediately.]

W-where did everyone go? [He spins in a circle] Where did the mountains go? You can't just get rid of mountains!

Lloyd! Raine! Don't tell me we got separated—!

[Oh god oh god oh god. Set panic mode. He dances uncertainly from foot to foot for a few seconds, then takes off in a random direction like he's being chased. Feel free to bump into him, or conversely, have him bump into you.]

[ooc: Have a slightly AU Genis from the same world as decoyofahero and towakeher. :) I haven't played Genis in like a year, so please pardon any shakiness. ♥]
20th-Apr-2011 09:31 pm(no subject)
Lloyd, are you okay? I brought you your change of clothes, and you had left the apartment unlocked so I--huh? Oh! This place again......?

[It's been a while since Colette was last here. But not too much seems to have changed, if it has at all. Yup. She stands there with an armful of spare clothes and Lloyd's key to his apartment in Death City. Well, might as well head to that apartment one of the Lloyds here had helped her move into?]
19th-Apr-2011 01:41 pm(no subject)
† well the lights are on
[open like an open thing]

[It's been some time since Kratos made anything more than a discreet appearance in Zelore. If someone's up before seven in the morning, they can surely find him browsing various grocers near the center of town. His usual mercenary outfit is absent, replaced instead by a decidedly plain navy coat, a black shirt and pants, and about sixteen less belts than usual.

He looks so... /mundane/, especially with a basket of all things, and yet he's totally comfortable right now.]

later at a yuan's house ;Collapse )
14th-Apr-2011 12:22 pm(no subject)
There's nothing more
[By his house at the edge of the forest, Yuan is chopping wood. It's uncomplicated work, good for settling stressed nerves, and he's humming quietly as he does it, humming that eventually turns into half-muttered lyrics: a song he heard over the journals once at Paradisa, and keeps sticking with him when he goes back to look at the entry again and again.]

And I had some friends who followed me down
And I remember fighting for some bloody crown
But there've been so many fights, and so many kings
And there've been so many changes, to the littlest things
And I've had so many homes, sure, Heaven was one
But the thunder-hooves call as strong...

[He looks like he could use a break, anyway.]
13th-Apr-2011 05:22 pm(no subject)
[It's been a while.

Things have been going well now that his job is mostly done back in his world. Slow going, especially considering what forced isolation and hate can do to a guy, but it's all been getting better.

Lloyd is definitely happy to see this place again for several reasons. But after some exploring and realizing that he couldn't find anyone immediately, he set about doing something that he'd been wanting to do ever since he first arrived here, but never had the chance to thanks to the Core.

He'd built a boat and sailed back in his world, but not here. Who knew what this place was like beyond the ocean?

So he's gathering materials, taking them to a quiet place away from the hubbub of the town, and working on building the same boat that he made back in his world. It'll take him a while, and it probably won't be the most impressive boat ever, but it'll be enough.

Feel free to catch him at any point in time!]
10th-Apr-2011 04:19 pm(no subject)
[Sup Todr, today you might notice one werewolf lurking around wildly, unleashed.]

Dammit... DAMMIT... DAMMIT!!!

...Rubia... Where.. WHERE IS RUBIA !?

[He might destroy one or two part of the town if this continued. Stop him, Y/N?]

[OOC: Caius from Tales of the Tempest, Script here if you need any. Oh, and he's taken right after Rubia was kidnapped.]
[adult] genis... i'm sorry...
[There is a new Mithos Yggdrasill in Zelore.

He seems alert enough of his surroundings, but he looks like someone just ripped out his heart. He floats a little bit off the ground, in his adult form. A form he despises, but took to better carry out the plans of his universe's leader of Cruxis.]

...I betrayed them. Have I betrayed you too, Martel?
24th-Mar-2011 12:32 am - LA LA VOICE TEST..you guys dead?

Hey Colette, pass me some of the wo--..
[Sup, a certain derpy swordsman is peering at the log in his hands, looking bewilderedly around him]


Colette? [he starts walking around his little location, brows furrowed]
Where is this? This isn't Iselia..Noishe? [he stares back at the log, before, very intelligibly]

..Where's the boat?
15th-Feb-2011 11:34 pm(no subject)
Finding herself in Zelore was always a little bit jarring. She'd been in Mizuho not half an hour before, getting ready to meet with a visitor from Palmacosta when she'd found herself standing next to the fountain. "Well. Might as well make the best of the situation," she exhaled to herself, heading off in search of the house she'd restored there ages ago.

She was keeping an eye out for faces, familiar and not.
28th-Jan-2011 10:29 pm(no subject)
you sure about that?
[It's been a while since Genis was last in Zelores. As usual, he doesn't realize he's here - mainly because he's been calculating something on a sheet of paper. He has to double-check it twice and then again. Something isn't quite right...]

... I'm turning sixteen? Really?

[That was meant more to himself, but considering he's in the town square? Right in the middle of traffic? IT WON'T STAY SECRET FOR LONG.]

[ooc | Atlas!Genis here. This Genis's older than canon!Genis - as in, his voice's cracking and getting deeper and he might be catching up to Lloyd now - but generally acts the same otherwise (if not more responsible).]
26th-Jan-2011 05:11 pm(no subject)
1+1 doesn't equal 3?
[ This fine, beautiful day, you may find a Lloyd sitting at a park bench. Perfectly normal. ]

Two pi. Times, uh... ninety? Wait, that's not it. Man, why do I still have to do schoolwork when I'm here?

[ If you look closer, you will find they are all filled with dozens of math problems that Uncle Yuan has assigned him for homework. Help. ]
20th-Jan-2011 11:04 am(no subject)
What are you saying?
[Hey, Zelore, there's a kidling vertically challenged sixteen year-old standing around around this strange new place. If he resembles someone you've seen before, you may note that this time, he doesn't look like he has a stick shoved up his ass. He looks very confused.]

Something's not right. We were supposed to arrive in  Snowfreer...Hey, sis, where are we right now?

[...Only he looks around and sees no sister unit.]

Come on, Rutee, that's not funny. Seriously, where are we?

((OOC: Behold an AU!Leon based on that one what-if dream from the game. Or maybe what in a timeline in which the ToD2 gang saved Karell. Whatever the reason, life as this guy knows it has not sucked for him, and his sister might be his favorite person in the world.))
16th-Jan-2011 11:44 am(no subject)
O-Oooohhhh....Luke I told you not to run that far! You know I can't keep up with you in this dress! [a little blonde girl is on her knees in the middle of the city, wearing a frilly little dress]

Luke stop hiding! You and Guy always play this game with me! It's not..fair? [she looks around with big wide eyes] T-This doesn't look like Fabre Manor..W-Where is this?

[her hands close over her mouth, horrified] H-How did I end up here...all by myself... it's so cold..
[her little shoulders start trembling, from fear and the cold, little huffs escape her lips]
Luke..where are you? Guy? ...Father? [she puts her face in her hands, not minding that the bottom of her dress is dirty] I just have to wait here, the guards will surely come for me..Luke too, I'm sure he'll come save me!

[she squares her shoulders, wiping her eyes]
I will wait. Luke is coming. [after a few minutes she seems to have it together, but after a pause, a little sob escapes the little girl, and she begins to cry again. ]
3rd-Jan-2011 04:31 pm(no subject)

[And in comes a Nephry. She looks fairly confused, as she dusts herself off, standing up and looking around. Adjusting her glasses, she takes on a fairly familiar look, not unlike a certain Necromancer]

I don't remember getting an opportunity to take a vacation.
[frowning, she walks around , blinking confusedly]
What is this place?
3rd-Jan-2011 04:28 am(no subject)
[This little Yuan has been staying at the daycare for the past few months, and it shows. His hair is clean and brushed, his clothes are no longer ragged, and he's even put on a bit of weight, taking him from starving-kid-skinny to growing-kid-skinny. He's gotten used to eating regular meals at tables with silverware, and sleeping in beds, and even taking baths (when someone makes him).

Right now, though, he's sitting on the fence around the backyard, staring out at the snow and not looking entirely content.]

...I'll go once the snow melts. It'd be dumb to set out if I'm just gonna freeze.
22nd-Dec-2010 12:51 am(no subject)
[There's a teenager wandering around, and he looks none too happy. There's something off about this teenager, though, and it's probably noticeable as soon as one notices him.

His hair is long. Not just "down to the butt"; we're talking trailing behind him, and for a good twenty or thirty feet at that.

He seems to have no problems with it, though, since he flips it naturally behind him as he turns, takes in a deep breath and:]

20th-Dec-2010 10:23 am - it was only a matter of time~
shattering in an instant
[Hello, Zelore~ guess what? You can has Zelos! ...though not the Zelos you're familiar with.]

W-What? Where is this place?! Lloyd?! Colette?! Sheena?! Where is everyone?!

Everyone has to be okay... they have to be... If any of you can hear me, p-please answer! Please tell me you're all right...!

[He looks around frantically, but manages to trip over himself in the process, falling to the ground with a thud.]


((OOC: dontcallmeflat's Zelos here~))
[Sheena's still here on Zelore, although she hasn't been seen lately. The illness she had is gone, and Raine's cooking hasn't killed her, so where has she been? She's been staying in her house, not wanting to see anyone. Those who had come knocking on her locked door were met with silence and darkened windows if they chose to look in.]

[However, her empty stomach and equally empty cabinets and refrigerator are forcing her to venture out again. She goes to the market to obtain her supplies and is heading home without being seen or spoken to. She sighs as she turns the knob to her door.]


[She goes inside, wanting to talk to that one person who can alleviate some of what she's feeling. But she can't, because they're not here.]

[ooc: Sheena is feeling like an outcast again, so she's staying away from everyone. She's actually just lonely, but doesn't know how to deal with it in a place with multiples of her friends except for one. You get to pick which friend in conversation: Corrine, Genis,  Zelos, her Grandfather, or Orochi (maybe even Kuchinawa).]
11th-Dec-2010 11:27 pm(no subject)
Okay, so I think I'm getting the hang of this. Sort of. I just want to thank Lloyd--ah, the one with Allison? for helping me earlier. I look forward to seeing everyone though, this place brings everyone from home! ♥
[A new Colette stumbles out of the forest, her cheeks red with cold and stumbling through the snow in her completely weather-inappropriate heeled boots and thigh-high stockings. She huffs and brushes some branches out of her way, but her facial expression is one of nervousness.]

Guys, this isn't funny anymore! Lloyd? Zelos? Shee-Shee? ...Genis? Anyone!?

[When she finally spots the town, she blinks.]

...Where'd this come from? [She curses a little under her breath and starts making her way down to town, rubbing her upper arms.] It sure wasn't snowing like this before, either... what happened?

[OOC: Behold... Colette with a personality switch. With Zelos. Sob.]
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